Product Information

Ride Specifications

Ridez are roughly the size of a shoebox, ranging from 10" – 12" in length. Ridemakerz SizeEach stock Ride, whether bought online or in one of our Shops, includes the following:

  • » A Ride body
  • » Freewheel Street chassis
  • » 4x Stock tires
  • » 4x Stock rims
  • » RZ Mix RideSOUNDZ™
  • » RZ Tool for assembly
  • » Working headlights and tail lights*

Ridemakerz Ride contents

Each Ride is packaged within a RZ CRUIZECASE™.

Ridez and accessories are detailed, plastic casts inspired by real custom cars and parts. Each unique Ride design preserves authenticity down to the smallest fender contour and grille detail. Hidden magnets and tabs hold accessories firmly in place without compromising the look of each Ride.

RC Cars and Trucks - Add Radio Control Option

All cars and trucks come with a freewheel street chassis but can be upgraded to be a RC car or truck. To make your Ride an RC car or truck, select the "Add Radio Control" button or check the "Radio Control" box.

Custom Parts

The custom accessories found in the Spare Partz section of the website are interchangeable between most Ridez, excluding some truck bed-only items, spoilers and engines. You can also easily switch Ride bodies from a Street chassis to a Monster chassis.

Custom tires feature unique patterns with colored grooves, and custom rims come in a variety of detailed styles for all Ridez.

Decals are vinyl, adhesive and repositionable. They are available in many different themes, colors and designs and can be layered to radicalize your own one-of-a-kind Ridez.

Pressing down on the hood scoop (or the blown engine you drop in there) lets you hear the revved-up RideSOUNDZ™ and see the flashy, sound-responsive headlights and taillights in action.

Tricked Ridez

Tricked Ridez are pre-built Ridez that are outfitted with some of Ridemakerz' hottest custom parts. These Ridez are ready-to-order and make a great gift or addition to any RC car collection!

Product Safety Information

Ridemakerz products are made in China and we work with only one manufacturer to manufacture our Ridez. Working with one manufacturer enables us to implement maximum quality controls and we have several comprehensive measures in place to ensure safety. Every product we make conforms to both U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) requirements and specifications for toys.

All Ridemakerz products must undergo and pass rigorous safety and usage tests at CPSC-certified independent testing labs before they are shipped to stores. Testing includes measuring for lead content and other potentially hazardous heavy metals, as well as inspecting for physical and mechanical hazards. In addition, we conduct use-and-abuse tests to ensure that all parts are secure and safe. Ridemakerz products use magnets embedded in the molding of the vehicles that cannot be accessed or loosened, and their sizes are within safe ASTM guidelines. Furthermore, packaging and labels are developed for each product to communicate the appropriate age recommendations and other information required for toys by CPSC.

We are very proud of our commitment to safety, so you can focus on having fun with complete peace of mind. Enjoy the Ride!

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All the street smarts and monster details on how to roll the right way.

Important Assembly Note

When mounting the body onto the chassiz, be sure to only partially tighten each of the four screws, one-at-a-time, in a diagonal pattern. Ensure the body remains level with the chassiz and continue tightening in the same pattern until each screw is snug. DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN.