Who is Ridemakerz?

Since its inception in 2006, Ridemakerz has been committed to the importance of play in the positive development of kids. Driven by real-world car culture and a passion for having fun, Ridemakerz inspires self-expression through the creation of one-of-a-kind toy cars or Ridez. The brand’s intense focus on detail, quality and the joy of creating something unique has won praise from kids, parents, educators, industry leaders and car enthusiasts alike.

What "drives" us?

The Ridemakerz experience is specifically designed to: provide choice, unleash creativity, foster confidence, encourage collaboration, and instill a sense of community. These Core Values, what we call The Five C’s of RZ, are what we as members of TEAM RZ live by every day. They are built in to every Ridemakerz Ride, and they help shape what we do, how we act, and who we are.


To experience choices and options in life instills in us a sense of optimism and possibility. Customizing a Ride provides almost unlimited choice: body style, tires, rims, spoilers, and much more! That’s why each creation is a one-of-a-kind expression that reflects each individuals’ own unique style and personality.


At Ridemakerz, we believe that everyone is born creative and expressive. We seek to encourage that natural creative talent by providing our car customizing artists with a vast palette of beautifully designed high-quality parts and accessories with which to express their unique vision of their perfect fantasy vehicle, the Ride of their dreams!


Does success build confidence, or does confidence build success? The answer, of course, is yes. This cycle of success and confidence is a critical part of the Ridemakerz experience. Customizers are given both the guidance and the freedom they need to ensure they will succeed, while knowing they are responsible for that success… the success of building and customizing a one-of-a-kind Ride.


We describe the Ridemakerz Shop process as a Do-It-Yourself-Together experience. That’s because, in addition to knowing that they themselves created their customized Ride, Customizers also realize they could not have done it without the assistance and support of others. The word 'collaborate' means literally 'to work together'. The experience of working side-by-side with other Customizers, having the guidance and 'coaching' of caretakers and RZ Crew Members, brings a sense of cooperative achievement that is an important aspect of the development of healthy, happy kids. This principle holds true in the Ridemakerz Shopz and beyond – together we can do what we cannot do alone.


During the time they spend with us at the Ridemakerz Shopz, Customizers can learn and make the connection between individual initiative and creativity, and collaboration and cooperation. In a very real sense, the Ridemakerz experience would be incomplete if we did not extend that sense of connection to the community in which we live, and beyond, to the planet that we all share. Ridemakerz is an integral part of their local communities, offering special events, promotions and contests, as well as financial support for worthwhile charities, that are all designed to bring people together, to create that sense of common unity - community. To learn more about Ridemakerz' community involvement, click here.

About our Ridez

At its four flagship Shop locations, Ridemakerz invites guests, or "Customizers", into the ultimate car customizing experience where they can build one-of-a-kind Ridez (1:18 scale; about the size of a football). Between body styles and colors, rims and tires, lights and sounds, accessories and decals, there are more than 649 million possible combinations, not including individual decal placement! Ridez can also be built and purchased online.

Ridemakerz People

Matt Elhadad, Vice President of Retail Operations

As the Vice President of Retail Operations at Ridemakerz, Matt leads the retail strategy and execution. Matt is a 15-year retail veteran responsible for all aspects of the shop and ecommerce business units. In addition to sales and in-shop experience, Matt also manages creative services, marketing, product development, customer service and business development. Additional responsibilities include management of the Wholesale business. Matt has been the principal retail leader at Ridemakerz since the first shop location opened in 2007.

Prior to Ridemakerz, Matt spent nearly nine years at Blockbuster Inc. Matt was promoted into several new roles completing his tenure as a District Leader accountable for 15 stores. Matt studied Business Management at the University of Minnesota.

Chip Foose: Designer and advisor to Ridemakerz

A renowned automotive designer and fabricator, as well as host of The Learning Channel’s hit show ‘Overhaulin’, Chip Foose has created an unequalled legacy in the world of car design and customization that is well beyond his years. Born and raised in Santa Barbara California, automobiles were in Chip’s blood. His first job was working for his father’s company where Chip specialized in project design … he was seven. From there, Chip’s passion and drive catapulted him through staggering accomplishments. In November of 1997, at age thirty-one, Chip became the youngest member ever to be inducted into the Hot Rod Hall of Fame. In 1998, he was the first recipient of the Good Guys Trendsetter Award. Chip has won or been involved with seven different prestigious AMBR (America’s Most Beautiful Roadster) Award winners, and has received the Good Guys Street Rod of the Year Award seven times. He has won the coveted “Ridler” Award – the hot rod world’s equivalent of the Oscars – an unprecedented three times.

His company, Foose Design, specializes in illustration, graphics, ideation model making, surfacing and complete construction of automobiles and automotive related products. These products are available to private individuals, television, film and the automobile manufacturers. He has designed and built street rods, customs, studio vehicles and show cars for films such as Blade Runner, Robo Cop, and Gone in 60 Seconds. His prize-winning creations often take upwards of six years to build by hand.

Chip currently serves as Vice Chairman of the Progeria Research Foundation, California Chapter.